At Home Session - In Hawaii!

I just returned from a lovely little visit to the beautiful land of Hawaii. While I was there, Heather booked an At Home mini session so she could get some shots of the family with her on the other side of the camera for a change . We spent an hour just hanging out on their driveway,  Mila and Micah showing me their wheels, with a few cuddle breaks. They were the friendliest little people you could meet, and the family was so sweet and loving. I could have photographed them all day. Aren't they so CUTE?

the glasshouse

Yesterday I met gorgeous little Michelle Tanner Amelia at one of the most amazing spots in town for a quick photo session. I couldn't help but try out some double exposure images  - the magic of the location kind of begged for it.

Edited with some new presets I've been working on. Hopefully they'll be out before 2015 ;)



hello from far away

it's been a whirlwind month, spent with beautiful best friends and a few lovely new faces. I'll keep the words brief (as per usual) and leave you with some pictures from the only day I've broken out the camera so far. mushrooming in this amazing spot. with even amazinger people. so lucky.mushrooming003mushrooming001mushrooming015mushrooming012mushrooming011mushrooming009mushrooming033 copybmushrooming006 mushrooming008 mushrooming005mushrooming036mushrooming034mushrooming023mushrooming021mushrooming020mushrooming016mushrooming017mushrooming018mushrooming031mushrooming029mushrooming027mushrooming026mushrooming025mushrooming037mushrooming038mushrooming040mushrooming041