bobux, 2009-2010

First of all, Happy New Year!I hope 2010 was good to you and that 2011 has even more great things up its sleeve!

What better way to start twenty-eleven here than catching up with sharing some photos that have yet to make it onto the blog. 2010 was a big year with amazing opportunities from all around. A lot of the work I was buzzing away on was related to the book or on commercial projects that required a production period before being released. It has been challenging and inspiring in the best kind of way. The blog has been left a bit of a quiet and lonely little spot, though!

One of these collaborations was with the fantastic team behind Bobux, together we have battled some pretty treacherous weather on shooting days and spent quite a few days rounding up lots of adorable little faces and feet! It is some of my proudest work to date and is so fun to see it popping up around the world. The catalogue of images we have created is becoming quite a stack now, so I will share some of my favorites over a couple of editions.

Enough words, bring on the pictures!! First up, some cute, happy babies. Who doesn't love cute, happy babies?

more soon!