Our Christmas - Starring Charlotte

It's rare that I post photos of my own family on the blog, but I thought I would share a few from our Christmas day. Little Charlotte certainly stole the show. It was such a perfect day... family, silly dogs (who were not big fans of their festive costumes!) good food, and sweltering heat that forced us all to sit back and relax.

my sister, the babyhog. I can promise I got my fair share when I wasn't shooting though ;)Charlotte's mama got a look in from time to time too...Daddy too...My mum's delicious roast beet salad. Yum.I couldn't resist a mini portrait shoot. Look at that face! Who could?!Annie the pug, who lives in hope.And signing out with some naked santa... of the cute variety.I hope your holidays were equally lovely x

All edited with Schoolyard actions – Mostly Rich and Warm and Pastel Colour.

yesterday - iphoneography

A trip to Melbourne (so fun), shooting stuff I can't share (yet), an editing backlog, and life in general has meant not much has ended up on the ol' blog lately. These pictures aren't with my 'real' camera, they are just some instagrams from my iphone, but I love that little app. Never before have I been so stringent about recording daily life, and for that I thank my little 5mp sidekick. Yesterday the kiddos and I explored the grounds of the old Erskine College, we are sad to hear it's being demolished. Such a magical place.

A sweet wedding post to come later in the week/early next week!