cause chaos

today my friend deb, posted this sweet shot of her kids playing, for her iphone photo-a-day project. In the back there is a print of a poster I made parodying the famous 'keep calm & carry on' wartime posters, and today I have had a bunch of emails asking whether I am going to start selling them... I certainly had plans to, I have been working on getting prints organized and an etsy store set up. So with all the requests coming in today I am starting to offer a 'beta' version available via email until the store is sorted. If you are interested in more details, email me!

and if you're here at my blog, let me apologise for its state of disarray! I am currently in the middle of a remodel and am only about a third of the way there. Chances are you are here while Rainbow-Barfing-SLR is having her moment in the spotlight, humor her, she will be flying on her merry way in the next day or so, she is just a little too "sunshine lollipops, and rainbows" and for my liking, she is cute and all, but... what was I thinking?!

but while we are embracing her, here... may as well have a soundtrack

night all!