central park and pizza

on weekdays, when I'm not shooting, or editing, or working, you can find me with these guys. and when they're not on play dates, or gym, or dance class, you can usually find us out on an adventure of some kind or another. when the weather allows, that is. yesterday we spent the afternoon at Wellington's Central Park, I haven't had the chance to experience the real thing, so I can't really compare, but from what I know, our version is probably the micro mini model. that's ok though, sometimes micro mini is all you need. we explored the grounds a bit, and the big one obliged me with some photos in a grassy patch, while the little one busied himself hunting for 'forest treasures'. he found a few. I love that about kids, how nature's treasures are worth holding on to like prized possessions. we were the first to arrive at the playground, and the last to leave, welcoming the incoming rainshower that cleared out the swings and left us feeling like we owned the place. then a quick pizza dinner at Heaven, which they assure me is delicious, even if they leave the crusts.

All edited with Schoolyard actions – Mostly rich and warm colour and filmy colour