kodak portra NC 400 - finally finished off the roll

and so glad I did. there were some sweet gems in there (literally and figuratively, I suppose!) I so love that we can now choose to have the best of both worlds with film and digital. I love the surprises you get when you get a roll of film back (especially one thats been sitting in the camera as long as this one was) but I also love the immediacy of digital. I love that shooting film can make me a better digital photographer, it has influenced my processing so much, but mostly it has made me slow down a little and think each frame through a wee bit more.

Clover, Kieran and Gemma, May 2011. So little.

Boo and a faraway Ash, June 2011

Boo, last week

Camera - Canon EOS 3 Lens - 50mm 1.8 Film - Kodak Portra NC 400