On the farm

These kids are a bit awesome. Between them they ride ponies and motorbikes, they breed and sell bunnies and quails, they hunt and fish and cook and have plans and dreams to do even more great things. Some of you long time visitors might remember them from way back in the beginnings of this blog when they featured often. Boy have they grown!! I mostly just got photos of the little lady, the boys were off doing boy stuff. A little family portrait with ma and pa...

I told you they had grown!.. This was the first time I photographed them, nearly 6 years ago. I guess time does that to a person.

a visit with lots of tea and not much jam.

You may already know kate and nathan, the lovely team behind tea & jam and one half of MAEVE magazine or you might remember them from this post alongside their two cute little girls from last time I was in Melbourne. This long weekend I made a trip to Ballarat to visit and go on some fun adventures. The weekend went something like this:

drink tea, go op shopping, escape from creepy op shop twins, eat yummy vegetarian food, run in the rain, Alice in Wonderland, Begonia fesitival, pat pretty deer, picnic, storm, drink tea, veg on couch, giggle, american idol, mini golf, more op shopping, country drive, tell cute puppy 'no' x 100, bath cute baby, yummy food, drink tea, veg on couch with blankets, giggle.

drink tea, yabbie festival, neverending merry go round, bad country music, disappointing yabbie races, fun anyway, 10c old people church cookies, cute historic town, yummy food, another cute town, olives and coffee.

girls decide white brick wall is needed, five minute family session (they are so cute, right?!)

eat yummy homemade pizza, heart cookies, drink tea, veg on couch with blankets, giggle.

thank you kate, nathan and girls. it was lovely xo

Photo info  is all over the place, but if you want to know the tech info for a specific shot, let me know! All photos edited with Childs Play and Twirl Photoshop Actions