On the farm

These kids are a bit awesome. Between them they ride ponies and motorbikes, they breed and sell bunnies and quails, they hunt and fish and cook and have plans and dreams to do even more great things. Some of you long time visitors might remember them from way back in the beginnings of this blog when they featured often. Boy have they grown!! I mostly just got photos of the little lady, the boys were off doing boy stuff. A little family portrait with ma and pa...

I told you they had grown!.. This was the first time I photographed them, nearly 6 years ago. I guess time does that to a person.

A Birthday Present

For my cousins birthday, her hubby dressed himself and his son up and sneakily met me at the beach for a mini photo session with the aim of getting one great shot to frame and and wrap. This was The One

But we ended up with a few more than one shot...


Happy Birthday, Victoria! I Hope your day is as lovely as you are x

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A weekend visit

First off, (belated) Happy New Year! I know my blog posts are pretty sporadic, but I really appreciate you stopping by and saying 'hello' when I do get around to posting here, so thank you for all your kind words over the years, I hope 2013 is a great one for you! Just before Christmas I spent a weekend in Auckland with my sweet friend Amanda and her charming dude, Marlon. Here's a little re-cap of my time with them, thanks Amanda! It was just what I needed x

Carols in the Park, a summer christmas tradition..

the morning after... A donut run...

with a sneaky little visitor...so yummy...boys...loved these red frames on the white walls, with all that space around the old prints...a few goofy portraits on the way to the car...

All edited with Schoolyard actions – Mostly Pastel Colour. Also playing around with some light leak/overlay effects that I hope to have in the Childs Play store soonish