a team of toddlers.

this morning we dressed the babies up with visions of pretty photos dancing in our heads. they, however, had other plans - there was exploring to be done, and apparently not enough time to stop for any stinkin' pictures. do you like the tree growing out of clovers head in the last one? that is me taking what I can get. but hey, look at that cute outfit!

then this afternoon, after dribbling cantalopue over her beautiful outfit, Clover had a quick change and we had another go at snapping some photos. Although she can be a little grub and will be leading the boys, not just keeping up with them, Clover is such a girly girl at heart. She loves everything pretty and pink and sparkly.

i love these babies.

while they may have more important plans than taking pictures, as long as they can fit in a quick cuddle on the fly, I am happy.

Photo info  is all over the place, but if you want to know the tech info for a specific shot, let me know! All photos edited with Childs Play and Twirl Photoshop Actions