finding fairies

One of the most fun things about photographing the 3 year old set is their complete and undying belief in all things magic. Once they get going, it's easy to get carried away to that place where a simple hole in the garden becomes a wonderland, where all sorts of adventures can take place. This little one was convinced she saw a fairy in the trees, she then decided the fairy may just need a spot of morning tea, and skipped up to the house to prepare one complete with the finest of her tiny crockery. (As well as a quick change of dress, must wear pink to a fairy picnic, you know). Unfortunately the fairy was "too shy" to come to the party, although she spotted her flying by at one point. However, the fairy did manage to down an entire cup of water while backs were turned.

Baby brother was too little to join in the fun, but I got shots of him doing what he does best, lounging around being the happy, cruisy little guy he is.

A strawberry break...

One of the things I plan on doing with the blog this year is highlighting some really cool stuff. I love smart, beautiful handmade design, and these two treasures fit the bill perfectly. The top on the left was purchased from erg originals and the adorable little dress was from bluebird and honey

Photo info  is all over the place, but if you want to know the tech info for a specific shot, let me know! All photos edited with Childs Play and Twirl Photoshop Actions