the forest

we go on forest adventures often. we're so lucky that this one is pretty much in my back yard. usually I leave my camera at home, it can get in the way of exploring sometimes. but I'm glad I brought it with us this time. this girl is getting so grown up.

she took this one. I better watch my back!

he was there too, but he's been sticking to me like glue lately. which I'm cool with, it just makes it hard to get him in the shot!

All edited with Schoolyard actions – Mostly pastel and filmy colour

Cute moccs from Minnetonka

the makings of a good weekend

great friends and good beer, and cute small people (and puppies)

Photo Info: Canon 5D 24-70mm 2.8 L Settings all over the place, mostly f/3.2-4 ISO 200-500

Edited with Childs Play actions (now available for PSE 7&8)